carolyn-pandoraIf, nine years ago, you’d turned to me and said “Carolyn Hennesy, you’re going to have eight books on the shelves and you’ll be a New York Times bestselling author”…I would have looked at you like you had just sprouted purple antlers.  “No, no…I’m always and only an actor,” I would have replied.  Looking back, I realize how silly that mindset was; but what if I had never written that first word?  (I shudder to think about it.)  I realize that I am the quintessential living example of “you never know what’s just around the corner.”  Life tossed the gauntlet of literature in front of me and I snatched it up.  Now, I’m creating whole new exciting worlds, peopling them as I wish, setting plots and stories in motion and determining each and every result using only my mind and my ten little helpers.  And…show business has never been kinder to me (go figure!)  So take heed, dear reader: what adventures might be waiting for you?

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