A Los Angeles native and self proclaimed studio-brat, Carolyn has been in over 100 theatrical productions spanning the LA, regional and international theatre scenes. If you ask her nicely she’ll recite the list of her plays for you and then she’ll recite it again . . . backwards.



Carolyn Hennesy asks you to engage in the craft of acting in her first ever online class as she teaches you the approach that has kept her working throughout her long and successful career. The star of True Blood, Cougar Town and General Hospital teaches the practical techniques that have made her a successful stage and screen actor. Classes are starting soon..



Brainy, brassy, and beautiful, Emmy Award® winning actress CAROLYN HENNESY tackles the real challenges and tender triumphs of advocating for animals. With world-renowned experts joining her in studio and via Skype from all parts of the globe, Carolyn’s curiosity is unquenchable, as is her desire to ensure that animals everywhere receive the respect and dignity they deserve. From pheromones to poaching, zoos and zebras, vegans and vets, ANIMAL MAGNETISM will never shy away from hot button issues or the unsung heroes who work everyday on behalf of animals big and small.  Click here to listen to Animal Magnetism online!



If, nine years ago, you’d turned to me and said “Carolyn Hennesy, you’re going to have eight books on the shelves and you’ll be a New York Times bestselling author”…I would have looked at you like you had just sprouted purple antlers.  “No, no…I’m always and only an actor,” I would have replied.  Looking back, I realize how silly that mindset was; but what if I had never written that first word?  (I shudder to think about it.)  I realize that I am the quintessential living example of “you never know what’s just around the corner.”

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