A thought from the flybar

A lull in work is not necessarily a lull in life…after all, acting is not my life, my LIFE is my life.  Thusly, taking a moment to take stock, reflect on the joy of my amazing streak which has so far lasted ten years and just maybe get a massage is a precious thing.  That, and finally being able to lauch full-tilt into my newest novel, for adults.  Writing and trapeze.  No finer combination ever. … [Read more...]

Flights of Fancy

Day One Reflections on my first day of flying trapeze...so many, many years ago: Richie shouts, "Carolyn, you're up!"  I whip my head and stare at him.  No, no…it's been so nich just sitting with all of the other students, watching everyone else.  "What?" I say.  "Go on!" he nods.  I look at the other students.  My stomach pinches and my legs tremble as I walk to the base of the ladder.  Masha … [Read more...]

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