Flight Deck – 3/20/15

A pelicano and a couple of angel returns.  With every step we endeavor to become better and better. … [Read more...]

My Blacklist

It's bizarre how caught-up I often feel; absolutely up-to-date on the latest in viewing entertainment. Able to chat at smart dinner parties about the newest Netflix or cable offerings with ease and eloquence.  Because, let's face it, the days of "there's nothing good on television" are long, long gone and the landscape abounds with so much in the way of astonishing acting, directing and pure great … [Read more...]

A thought from the flybar

A lull in work is not necessarily a lull in life…after all, acting is not my life, my LIFE is my life.  Thusly, taking a moment to take stock, reflect on the joy of my amazing streak which has so far lasted ten years and just maybe get a massage is a precious thing.  That, and finally being able to lauch full-tilt into my newest novel, for adults.  Writing and trapeze.  No finer combination ever. … [Read more...]

Hey Carolyn, What’s Baking?

The Ides of March! As many of you know, I host a delicious high tea in my home on Sundays for a fab side-business.  This is the year of Carolyn teaching herself to bake!  Selections for 3/15/15? Spiced Chocolate Chip Cookies and Lemon Bars.   Spiced Chocolate Chip Cookies: Go here for recipe Lemon Bars: Go here for recipe … [Read more...]

Flights of Fancy

Day One Reflections on my first day of flying many, many years ago: Richie shouts, "Carolyn, you're up!"  I whip my head and stare at him.  No, no…it's been so nich just sitting with all of the other students, watching everyone else.  "What?" I say.  "Go on!" he nods.  I look at the other students.  My stomach pinches and my legs tremble as I walk to the base of the ladder.  Masha … [Read more...]

Raw Food Made Easy

Don't call her a vegan! Beautiful and brainy "raw foodie" Karen Wallington talks about great raw eats made very simple. No animal products or by-products (thereby saving more and more of our beloved four-legged friends) in her life and she's the better for it. She's inspirational and sassy. Listen to what she has to say and put it to good use in your own life. She's graciously recorded some … [Read more...]

Destroying Ivory – Good or Bad?

Dr. Grey Stafford and for L.A. Zoo Curator, Mike Dee debate the pros and cons of governmental ivory destruction. Listen to the conversation and decide on which side you come down! From Scientific American magazine: The U.S. is not the first country to destroy its seized ivory. In 1989, Kenya responded to rampant elephant poaching by burning its stockpile. More recently, with poaching surging … [Read more...]

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